Resolution 1: A National Organizing Committee

Whereas, there is a weak link between the national organization and chapters, which has led to a confederated and disunited organization;

And whereas, it is essential that the national organization is responsive to the needs of its members and chapters;

And whereas, the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) should function as political leadership of the organization, overseeing the largest-scale decision-making in YDSA, but does not have capacity to act as the only administrative-organizational layer enacting YDSA’s national priorities;

And whereas, internal organizing strengthens member organizing skills and can facilitate new projects around the country;

And whereas, we seek to build a new layer of socialist organizers who are equipped with the political knowledge and skills to organize for socialism;

Therefore be it resolved that a National Organizing Committee (NOC) shall be established to serve as an organizing department of YDSA, subordinate to and directed by the political leadership of the NCC;

And be it further resolved, in regards to composition, the NOC shall:

  1. Consist of members nominated by the YDSA National Campus Organizer (NCO) and approved by a two-thirds vote of the NCC following a period of open applications, with members removable by a two-thirds vote of the NCC;
  2. Allow all members of the NCC to serve as ex-officio members;
  3. Recommend future NOC appointments to the NCO on a rolling basis;
  4. Be primarily composed of YDSA members, but may include DSA members;
  5. Be initially composed of the Regional Organizing Committee (ROC) co-chairs elected by the 2020 convention;

And be it further resolved, in regards to its responsibilities, the NOC shall:

  1. Seek to hold regular calls with each chapter and organizing committee;
  2. Provide training, support, and mentorship to chapters and members;
  3. Work to integrate national resources, materials, and campaigns into chapters;
  4. Elevate local chapter experiences and reports to inform national strategy;
  5. Recruit chapter leaders from stable, developed chapters to national committees;
  6. Seek to recruit and train a diverse group of potential NOC members;
  7. Produce organizational reports on the state of chapters to be presented at all future Conferences and Conventions;

And be it further resolved that upon the close of the 2020 convention, the ROCs shall be disbanded.