Dues Standardization

Resolution 4: Dues Standardization

Whereas, membership in the national organization is well defined, but there is no guidance for chapters on how to determine who is a “member” and granted rights within their local chapters;

And whereas, membership practices vary wildly between chapters, many of which, especially smaller and newer chapters, do not maintain membership rosters;

And whereas, the disunity of local and national membership creates unnecessary hierarchy within chapters and tension between chapters and the national organization;

And whereas, maintaining clear membership terms, rights and responsibilities promotes a more accessible and democratic organization, and maintaining a membership roster is an essential asset for internal membership development and external membership recruitment;

And whereas, sourcing funds primarily from membership dues ensures accountability of the organization to its membership, and promotes member confidence in the organization;

And whereas, YDSA functions in part as an organizer development and training program for DSA and is a youth section of DSA, not a separate organization;

Therefore be it resolved, that YDSA recommends as non-binding best practices:

  • DSA membership should be a requirement for membership in any YDSA chapter;
  • YDSA chapters should have a single level of admitted chapter membership;
  • YDSA chapters should restrict the right to vote, the right to elect, and the right to be elected to chapter members;

Be it further resolved, that YDSA holds that it is permissible for chapters to adopt additional requirements for chapter membership, including but not limited to:

  • Agreement with a code of conduct or a political document;
  • Completion of a candidate membership period;
  • Payment of additional local dues to the chapter;

Be it further resolved, that YDSA NCC shall by August 15th petition the DSA National Political Committee to update YDSA dues rates. The NCC shall consider the following dues rates for YDSA members:

  • A standard yearly rate between $10 and $20;
  • A standard semesterly rate between $5 and $10;
  • A low-income yearly rate between $5 and $10;

Be it further resolved, that the National Office shall establish an online YDSA membership signup form, which shall grant DSA membership and include information about how to obtain a dues waiver. The National Office shall remove the “Student/YDSA” dues rates from the DSA membership form. DSA memberships obtained through the YDSA form shall be considered the same as any other DSA membership, although dues deadlines and expiration dates regarding voting rights in YDSA chapters shall be determined by the YDSA chapter;

Be it further resolved, the National Office shall investigate methods to allow chapter treasurers to collect national dues at the chapter level, then submit payment and membership information to the national organization on a new member’s behalf;

Be it further resolved, that the NCC shall oversee the creation of fundraising guidance for YDSA chapters, including template language to apply to university institutions for funding for costs associated with attending Conferences and Conventions;

Be it further resolved, that YDSA calls on DSA chapters, especially larger and more established chapters, to consider providing YDSA chapters with semesterly budgets as an investment in recruitment and organizational development, partially sourced from dues-share revenue from dues-paying YDSA members.