District Organizations

Resolution 3: District Organizations

Whereas, socialism cannot be won on a university campus;

Whereas, class struggle is waged at all levels, including the citywide, statewide, and region-wide scales;

Whereas, forming leading coalitions for struggles require active buy-in from participating organizations;

Whereas, YDSA should seek to lead struggles for the working-class with coalition partners, while maintaining the independent nature of the socialist movement;

Whereas, YDSA chapters have explored forming citywide, statewide, and regional organizations;

Therefore be it resolved, any 3 or more YDSA chapters or organizing committees, including at least one YDSA chapter, may apply to the NCC to charter a District Organization. District Organization charters must be renewed on the same schedule as YDSA chapters. District Organizations shall be formed on geographical bases, including city, state, or region;

Be it further resolved, DSA chapters may formally affiliate with District Organizations, and vice versa;

Be it further resolved, District Organizations shall submit proposed bylaws and a mission statement with a charter application. Such bylaws must include provisions for democratic decision-making and leadership accountability for all member organizations. The NCC shall create and release sample District Organization bylaws and may determine required language;

Be it further resolved, District Organizations will receive support from an assigned YDSA national organizer, such as a member of the NOC;

Be it further resolved, District Organizations should not be formed for their own sake, but rather as a means to facilitate organizing work at a scale greater than a single campus, including:

  • Collective fundraising for large expenditures, such as convention and conference travel;
  • The development and release of district-level political lines and statements;
  • Organization of district-level political campaigns;
  • Administrative coordination with DSA chapters.