Campus Labor Organizing

Updated 7/19/20 following acceptance of a friendly amendment.

Resolution 5: Campus Labor Organizing

Whereas, while the role of student occupies a unique material position, many students exist simultaneously as laborers;

And whereas, just as students have no reason to delay socialist organizing until after graduation, student-workers naturally have no reason to delay participation in workplace organizing;

And whereas, the university and surrounding communities often relies in heavy part on the participation of a student workforce;

And whereas, the greater working class includes student-workers, and therefore shares their material interests;

And whereas, the labor force at educational institutions is largely unorganized, and as such is particularly vulnerable to the incoming wave of austerity;

And whereas, engaging directly in labor organizing at natural points of class struggle, builds the experience of YDSA members to carry forward that organizing beyond graduation;

And whereas, the practice of industrialization has both historically had mixed results, and orients socialists as outsiders seeking to enter into the working class;

And whereas, YDSA members are already, with few exceptions, existing members of the working class;

Therefore be it resolved, that YDSA establish Labor organizing as a key priority within the Students and Workers Recovery campaign;

Be it further resolved, that the National Organizing Committee (NOC) commit to the creation of trainings, materials, and strategies development towards organizing labor as it organically exists around campus settings;

Be it further resolved, that the NOC shall hold a minimum of 1 mass meeting of YDSA chapter representatives per semester to assess the labor conditions on campuses across the country, and include such assessments in semesterly reports;

Be it further resolved, the NOC shall work with each chapter to assess the conditions of labor and draft a formal local labor strategy;